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Drums for Peace (D4P)
- Art & Equality in Finland- sept.2019
- WWB Exchange in Poland - juillet 2018
-WWB2 EXCHANGE in Finland
- octobre 2018
- Sol & Arte in Portugal - juillet 2017
- Cool JAM in Finland - aout 2017

Rencontre annuelle à Porto
du 25 au 28 nov.2016


“New Life to Traditional Stories”- Project"
20-25 juin 2014 project final in Porto
12-16 april 2014 project in Estonia
12-16 march project in Fr - Montluçon
27-29 October 2013 – Half way staff meeting - Copenhagen-Danemark
26/07-04/08/2013 - Nordic Festival - Danemark
23-28/04/2013 à Helsinki Finlande
23-27/03/2013 Codlea Romania




- Comune di Cinisello Bálsamo will host and organise the first meeting, a staff and planning meeting which will fine tune the project.
ACTOR will host a training course using paper work as an educational tool and shadow theatre as a communication tool. ACTOR offers the participants the chance to use new ways of communicating their ideas and feelings to the people around them, and also to teach them to discover new ways of self-expression, which can strengthen self-confidence. The visual dimension of this kind of theatre will help the intercultural nonverbal communication in the context of myths and legends symbolic universe.
- Helsinki Pioneers will organize and host a workshop where the participants will create an artistic product using different art forms, with traditional stories.
ARTTRAIN will be responsible for the preparation and delivery of the half-way meeting and to host a group of learners in the activities of a Nordic Festival, where they will assist artists and workshops leaders. This event will follow after the training in Finland and in a festival-context practice how it is possible to use elements from traditional Nordic cultural as a tool for learning and aesthetic practice.
Association Pourquoi Pas will provide a training course using African and French tradition, learning street movement and oral communication tools.
MTÜ Foorumteater will host and deliver a training course about Forum Theater. In training we will look at traditional stories and find problems and issues and address them using different techniques of Forum Theatre and Theatre of The Oppressed.
GAIAC will organize and host the final event of the partnership. This will be a performance prepared by participants and artists, showing some traditional stories in their new art forms. GAIAC is coordinating this partnership.

All the partners will contribute to the whole project by disseminating their knowledge about local networking.
An e-book and interactive website will be prepared together, with the contributions of the participants, and will be shown by the older people that collaborate giving to the partnership their story telling.

Vie des Hauts

Mars 2013

Avril 2013

Montlucon - fr
mars 2014

Montlucon 2

Porto juin 2014

Didier Pajot association Pourquoi Pas !

association Pourquoi Pas !

association Pourquoi Pas ! association Pourquoi Pas ! 

MP3 audio- "Culese din cartier - robot armasar attack"

site “New Life to Traditional Stories”

- Grundtvig Project 2012 -2014






   Depuis plus de 10 ans, le réseau "Drums for Peace" a créé un vaste programme d'échanges culturels, des programmes de formation, des réunions et des séminaires en utilisant les arts du spectacle comme un outil d'apprentissage, de développement personnels et de transformation. Ces formations ont inclus la musique, le théâtre, les arts graphiques, la danse... l'utilisation des jeux "brise-glace " et cercle d'expressions. Une partie de cette formation a été intégrée dans nos diverses organisations créant ainsi une nouvelle méthodologie utilisant l'art comme un outil pour promouvoir l'inclusion, créant un lien entre les arts, les générations, le passé et le présent pour construire un avenir meilleur.

Ce partenariat européen vise à utiliser l'expérience de chaque organisation afin de construire de nouvelles créations-productions et les partagez avec la communauté internationale.

 Célébration 2012 - , Après avoir consacré l'année 2011 au bénévolat et au volontariat, la Commission a choisi de mettre à l'honneur les seniors en choisissant comme thème pour l'année européenne 2012 le vieillissement actif et la solidarité entre les Générations.

 Ce partenariat d'échanges et d'apprentissage permettra de recueillir des histoires traditionnelles de chaque pays, d'accroître l'expérience des apprenants, la dynamique de partenariat et des communautés concernées, d'impliquer des personnes âgées et avec leur contribution, d'apporter une nouvelle interprétation à travers différentes formes d'art.

 L'objectif concret du partenariat proposé sera de faciliter le développement de pratiques innovantes dans l'éducation des adultes ainsi que leur transfert, notamment d'un pays participant aux autres. Les objectifs sont les suivants:

  • faciliter le développement de pratiques innovantes dans l'éducation des adultes en particulier auprès des adultes vulnérables et marginalisés.
  • d'utiliser les arts comme un outil pour promouvoir la compréhension interculturelle et l'inclusion sociale
  • trouver, dans les communautés locales, une gamme d'histoires traditionnelles, ce qui facilite le contact entre les générations par le plus grand nombre et des conteurs.
  • de partager et de diffuser ce travail de réseau dans les communautés locales
  • de renforcer les capacités de l'organisme participant à développer leur travail dans leurs propres communautés

 association Pourquoi Pas ! De Jean-Guy Solnon !

  • Notre choix "d'histoire traditionnelle" en pdf  

 "New Life to Traditional Stories" partners:

  • Helsinki Pioneers - Fl

SDPL Helsingin ja Uudenmaanpiiri ry (usually just called “Helsinki Pioneers”) is member of the national “Pioneers” organisation, which is a non-profit children and youth organisation supported by the government and by local municipalities.
The Helsinki pioneers operate as local independent children and youth organization and is involved with youth-clubs all year around and offering cultural, leisure time activities as music and theatre projects for children and young people in our community.
Apart from the children and youth we make courses and training to adults in various skills needed in camp/project planning and managing and how to use arts in youthwork a.o. as a tool for social inclusion.
In this partnership we will host a training course in how to use songwriting, composing, music.

  • GAIAC - Pt

GAIAC is a social-cultural association from V.N. Gaia, Portugal, with teachers, trainers and learners, some of them linked to Escola Secundaria Antonio Sergio, which besides the secondary school is providing life-long-learning for adults during a daily program running from 7 pm to midnight. GAIAC will bring to this project the involvement of adult learners coming from this school and also the experience of organizing projects for the last 10 years.
GAIAC has experience organizing workshops and trainings, most of them with local artists and performers. In this special field, the aims of this work is about including participative methodologies, involving all kind of people focusing on groups suffering social exclusion. 

The aims of ARTTRAIN is to promote the use of the performing arts (music, dance and theatre) as a socio-pedagogical tool
This is done through:
A) pilot projects in this field
B) research
C) information activity
D) impact on decision makers
Arttrain is coordinating the European network “Drums for Peace” and works in partnership with organisations all over Denmark and Europe. From Denmark the partners are very often production-schools (second-chance schools) working with disadvantaged young adults.
  • Comune di Cinisello Balsamo - It

Cinisello Balsamo Municipality with its Social Policy and Projects Planning Department carries out, mainly with other subjects of the territory, projects which aim at supporting people and their skills development.The intervetion areas are youth policy, social coesion & inclusion programm (development of the community and involvement of foreign citizens), drugs’ prevention, youth mobility, protagonism and active participation of youngers to social life, services for foreigners and linguistic-cultural mediation projects.

  • ACTOR - Ro
The Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania, ACTOR has the mission to offer to its beneficiaries (children and young people) the necessary instruments for communicating their ideas and feelings to the people around them, and also to teach them discover new ways of self-expression, which can strengthen their self-confidence, help them find their right place in community and develop in harmony with themselves and with the society. Often these instruments draw on the abilities the young people themselves were not aware of or they had no courage to use.
 MTÜ Foorumteater (NGO Forum Theatre) is a non-profit organization, established in 2011, to promote development of Forum Theatre and other techniques of Theatre of The Oppressed in Estonia. Members of organization are people, who are experienced in Theatre of The Oppressed techniques. NGO Forum Theatre hosts workshops, trainings, seminars, translates and creates materials.
The main target groups are people working with children. Our special effort is on school violence and children with disadvantages. NGO Forum Theatre has a broad cooperation with other organizations in Estonia and Europe – we have hosted an international training and in 2011 we did more than 20 training to different target groups. This year the organization will participate in more than 5 international trainings. We believe that arts are the best way to communicate and we would like to share our own experience in Forum Theatre area and to give chance for our artist to learn and experience other art forms and implement them in work.
  • Association Pourquoi Pas  ! - Fr
« Pourquoi Pas ! » is a social-cultural organization from Montluçon. since 1989 its objective is “to create (set up) a new space of expression and cultural exchanges”, gathering members from different fields (Music, Dance, visual arts, theatre, sociology with teachers, trainers and learners …).



4-7 October 2012- Staff meeting -making the calendar, organizing the activities and common tasks.  Italy

23- 27 March – Training on paper and shadow theatre on traditional themes. Romania

23-27 April 2013 - Creating a product using different art forms. Finland

26 July- 04 August 2013 - Learners mobility to assist the Nordic Festival. Denmark

27-29 October 2013 – Half way staff meeting to evaluate the project - Copenhagen-Danemark

12-16 March 2014 – Training on oral transmission and street movement, on French and African traditions. France

12-16 April 2014 - Training on Forum theatre with traditional stories. Estonia

20-25 June 2014 – Launch of the e-book and website with public perfomance. Portugal